Enrichment program

October/November Enrichment program

Poetry Club: Students explore the art of writing poetry with students in grades 3-7. The Poetry Club allows students to express their words and awaken their heart to the sounds of words. Come and climb into a poem as we explore poetry around the world, guest speaks, art, and poetry slams.

Chocolate and Icing Decorations: Yum! Learn how to create beautiful chocolate candies and decorate cookies and cupcakes with Sr. Fouzia. The pure artistry it takes to learn the skill of creating delectable chocolates is definitely worth learning about.

Tumbling and Flexibility. This AMAZING club is designed for our female students and it involves flexibility (some light yoga), tumbling (light gymnastics), and an introduction to aerial yoga (yoga poses extended in the air). The students will explore the art of stretching, maintaining their balance and poses, and the mechanics of tumbling.

Girl Scout: servicing girls in grades 2-8. Girls learn new things and demonstrate what they have learned through field trips, camping, fundraising, and monthly meetings. We participate in activities that allow us to interact with other girl scouts, as well as brainstorming ways to help and improve our community.

Boys Scouts: The boy scouts offers an essential opportunity for children to learn and explore nature, team building, leadership skills and problem solving beyond their classroom walls. Boy Scouts are lead by the boys in the troop, and a key part of the Boy Scouts program is earning merit badges, which enables them to develop skills like swimming, archery, wilderness survival, camping etc.

Cub Scout: Cub scouting is a family program for boys 1st thru 5th grade with the aims of character development, good citizenship, fun and adventure, etc. The boys at their grade level will be able to do activities such as team building, hiking, camping, building a racecar, learning about safety, first aid, the outdoors, etc. Part of the program is for the boys to earn rewards for their accomplishments and this is acknowledged during the monthly Pack meetings. Parents and adult family members provide leadership and support for Cub Scouting and help ensure the boys have a good experience in the program.