We are happy to announce that Al Falah Academy is establishing its first Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)! This is an exciting and important step in the development of a school. The PTO gives our parents more opportunities to enhance and improve the school in 3 key areas:

  • Educational enrichment to help teachers increase academic achievement
  • Family Fun activities to build community spirit and togetherness
  • Fund-raising to finance improvements and enrichment activities

We are following guidelines established by the national PTO group, and we have developed the by-laws which make sure the Al Falah PTO is well-organized and fair. The process requires all our parents to select the PTO Executive Committee, in which parents serve as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The purpose of this Committee is to oversee and coordinate all the events and activities that the PTO members want to do to enhance the school, plus all the committees that parents want to establish to help the teachers and the students achieve more. All enrichments and activities of the PTO will support the school in accordance with the Al Falah Vision and Mission, and will follow the established guidelines and policies of the school.

Some ideas that other schools have started include:

  • Starting an after-school program of clubs and sports
  • Coordinating ways for parents to help teachers in the classroom
  • Organizing fun events that build spirit, like our upcoming Eid ul Adha event
  • Fund-raising to target money to buy specific things or services that improve the school

YOUR participation is vital! We want a diverse group of parents or grandparents who will commit time and energy to establish a vibrant, active Parent Teacher Organization. Research confirms what we all know from experience: parental involvement in school increases achievement and satisfaction. The PTO will make decisions on what areas to focus on, recruit parent volunteers, and delegate tasks so that many people work together to achieve our goals for our school and children.

Please participate and encourage your family and friends to participate too. The potential of Al Falah Academy is enormous… we have the capacity to grow into a highly effective school community offering an outstanding academic education, a wide variety of experiences in extracurricular activities, a safe, united community atmosphere to support our children emotionally and socially, and a deep, living understanding of Islam to develop spiritually and to provide service to our community for the sake of Allah, swt.

Let’s join together to take Al Falah Academy to the next level! May Allah guide us and reward our efforts to build a strong community.