Tuition and Fees


Registration Fee $350 per student to be paid at the time of registration
Early Bird Registration Fee: $250 per student if paid by March 31st
Resource Fee $200 per student (Pre-K to 8th). One time charge four weeks after confirmation letter date.
$300 per student (High school). One time charge four weeks after confirmation letter date.
Security Fee $200 annually per student (can be paid in a single payment or monthly)
Facility Fee $200 annually per student (can be paid in a single payment or monthly)

Resource Fee includes online assessments and subscriptions, classroom resource books and equipment, science supplies, and math manipulatives.

Other Fees

  • Textbooks: To be announced
  • Supplies: To be announced
  • Field Studies: To be announced during the school year
  • Bank Fee: $25.00 Fee applied to your account balance for returned check due to insufficient funds or or if the account is closed without prior notification.
  • Special classes fee: Please see below for details.
  • Chromebook cost for High School students only: Please see below for details
  • High School Elective courses: Please see below for details

Special Classes

Based on academic performance, the following Special Classes may be assigned to your child:

  • English Language Learner support
  • Intervention Reading
  • Intervention Math

Fee: $100 per semester per course

Al Falah is committed to differentiated learning to meet every student’s needs, so if we identify that a student needs remediation in math or reading, we place that student accordingly.

These Special Classes require the services of an extra teacher, classroom, and resources. This fee does not reflect the total cost of this extra service, but it does help us meet the additional cost so we can continue to offer these important programs.

If your child is identified for Intervention, using the most recent MAP test results as well as classroom performance as a guide, you will be notified of your child’s placement and the fee that is due. This placement is not optional—the child would be placed if the MAP test results and teacher recommendations confirm that your child is in the bottom third percentile of grade-level performance in Reading and/or Math.

High School Chromebooks

All Al Falah high school students are required to purchase a Chromebook, plus the padded carrying case and headphones, through Al Falah Academy. Al Falah configures each Chromebook with the required management software. Chomebooks are purchased by the families based on recommendations by the school. The cost of a Chromebook is approximately $250, with accessories.

High School Elective Courses

In order to meet our students’ interests within the state high school requirements, we offer a variety of high school electives in school and online via Georgia Virtual School and other online course providers. If students and parents choose a course for one or both semesters, the parents will be responsible for the cost. Course grades will be logged onto our Jupiter Grades gradebook, credit will be received for courses taken during school hours, and the Al Falah high school transcript will reflect such coursework.


Annual Tuition: $7,700 per student. (After the $5000 school voucher collected from Georgia Tax Credit funds)

Families with two or more students receive a discount off the total tuition according to the table below.

1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child 5th Child 6th Child
% Discount: 0% 12% 18% 35% 40% 45%
Discount Applied to Student -$0 -$924 -$1,386 -$2,695 -$3,080 -$3,465
Tuition For Student $7,700 $6,776 $6,314 $5,005 $4,620 $4,235

Payment Options

Tuition may be paid in 1 installment, 2 installments, over a 10 months’ period (starting in August) or over a 12 months’ period (starting in June).

Late payments will incur a $50 fee if received later than the 1st of the month.

Payment may be made using either a credit card or electronic check. Payment information must be provided to school and will be drawn automatically on the first of the month when it is due.

If tuition is paid by credit card, your card will be charged processing fees up to 3%.

A discount of 2.5% off the full or sibling tuition amount will be given if the tuition is paid in one installment by check or e-check. This discount does not apply to financial aid or other discounted tuition.

Refund and Withdrawal policy

Admissions/Re-enrollment Fee

Admissions/Re-enrollment fees are non-refundable, except in the following cases, in which 50% of the Admissions/Re-enrollment Fee will be returned by the end of September.

  • In the case of denied admission due to class capacity limit.
  • In the case of being denied admission due to failure to meet academic or behavioral criteria, as evidenced in the previous school transcript or placement test results.
  • In the case of parent rejection of the financial aid decision.
  • In the case in which one or more siblings is denied admission or waitlisted, resulting in commuting hardship.

Non-Refundable Fees

Resource Fee, Bulk Books Fee, Facility Fee, and Security Fee.


The parent/guardian is responsible for the timely payment of the fees for the full school year from the time their child officially starts school at Al Falah Academy.

A student’s start date for attendance is considered:

August 1, OR

from that child’s first day of attendance, in the case that the child was enrolled after the first official day of school.

  • If parents decide to Withdraw their child from the school, the parents must notify the school officially by means of the AFA Withdrawal Form. The completed Withdrawal Form will initiate the additional 3 months’ tuition charge that the parents must pay for the remaining months of the year. If 3 months do not remain in the school year (for example, withdrawal in April), then the family is liable for payments through the end of the year. 
  • If the parents have paid the tuition in full at the start of the school year, they will receive a refund for all but 3 of the remaining months of the school year (through May).
  • If the parents are paying tuition monthly, either on the 10-month plan or the 12-month plan, they will be required to pay 3 additional months of the tuition.
  • If payments are made by credit card authorization, Al Falah Academy reserves the right to continue to charge their credit card on the first day of each month for the full monthly fee until the 3 additional months’ amount has been reached.
  • If payments are made by check or e-check, Al Falah Academy reserves the right to continue to deposit the monthly checks on the first day of each month until the 3 additional months’ amount has been reached.

Tuition is not prorated for the calendar month. If paid monthly, the full month’s tuition is due on the first, or fifth, day of each calendar month. Likewise, withdrawal is not prorated for the calendar month. Three additional months of tuition is counted for any portion of the remaining months of the school year, through May.

The Facility Fee and Security Fee must be paid in full at the time of withdrawal.

Failure to pay the additional Withdrawal fee will result in the withholding of student records. Al-Falah Academy reserves the right to initiate any legal action including reporting to credit reporting agencies.

Parent Mandatory Service Hours Fee

  • Al Falah Academy implements a policy that is intended to build a vibrant, active community of involved parents. Studies have indicated that children whose parents and/or other significant adults share in their formal education tend to do better in school. Some benefits include:
    • Higher grades and test scores
    • Long term academic achievement
    • Positive attitudes and behavior
    • More successful programs
    • More effective schools
  • With these valuable ends in mind, Al Falah Academy will require parents to fulfill a minimum number of hours per year in service activities needed by the school. These activities will be organized or coordinated by the Al Falah PTO, by the school administration, or by classroom teachers.
    • The activities will take into consideration the variety of available times that parents can offer: school hours, before or after school hours, or weekends.
    • The service activities will also take into consideration the fact that some parents may not be able to be present at the school location at all, due to work schedule, or care for young children at home, etc. So activities that could be done from home on the computer or phone will also be part of the organized effort to encourage service to the school.
  • As part of the requirements of registration, all families who wish to send their child(ren) to Al Falah will agree to the following terms:
    • single-parent families will offer 10 hours of service to the school per school year
    • dual-parent families will offer 20 hours of service to the school per school year
  • The hours are counted on a PER FAMILY basis, NOT PER CHILD. In other words, whether a family has one child or multiple children in the school, the service hour requirement is the same: 10 or 20, depending on family structure.
  • The hours are logged into the HelpCounter software we provide you.  AFA will provide you a link to create an account and register all your Service hours.
    If the hours (10 or 20 per year, depending on family structure) are not met, the family will agree to pay $20 per unfulfilled hour. This amount may be used to go towards hiring a substitute teacher to fulfill the service hours needed by the school. However, this is not the ideal situation, because the ultimate goal of mandatory service hours is to build community.