Al Falah Academy implements a policy that is intended to build a vibrant, active community of involved parents. Studies have indicated that children whose parents and/or other significant adults share in their formal education tend to do better in school. Some benefits include:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Long term academic achievement
  • Positive attitudes and behavior
  • More successful programs
  • More effective schools

With these valuable ends in mind, Al Falah Academy will require parents to fulfill a minimum number of hours per year in service activities needed by the school.  These activities will be organized or coordinated by the Al Falah PTO, by the school administration, or by classroom teachers.

  • The activities will take into consideration the variety of available times that parents can offer: school hours, before or after school hours, or weekends.
  • The volunteer activities will also take into consideration the fact that some parents may not be able to be present at the school location at all, due to work schedule, or care for young children at home, etc.  So activities that could be done from home on the computer or phone will also be part of the organized effort to encourage volunteerism.

As part of the requirements of enrollment, all families who wish to send their child(ren) to Al Falah will agree to the following terms:

  • single-parent families will offer 10 hours of service to the school per school year
  • dual-parent families will offer 20 hours of service to the school per school year

The hours will be logged at the front desk with our Receptionist in a record-keeping system. The hours are counted on a PER FAMILY basis, NOT PER CHILD.  In other words, whether a family has one child or multiple children in the school, the service hour requirement is the same: 10 or 20, depending on family structure.

If the hours (10 or 20 per year, depending on family structure) are not met, the family will agree to pay $10 per unfulfilled hour.  This amount may be used to go towards hiring a substitute teacher to fulfill the service hours needed by the school.  However, this is not the ideal situation, because the ultimate goal of mandatory service hours is to build community.

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