For your ordering convenience, we simplified the way you order textbooks!

In 4 easy steps, order your child(ren)’s texts by July 15, so your child has all s/he needs on the first day of school!

Step 1: Log in to your ScadPro account and click on Books.

Step 2: Click on your child’s Booklist, and download it. Each child has a Booklist in his/her own name.

Step 3: Bulk Booklist: Some of these texts are NOT available to individuals and must be purchased for at minimum 25 students. We have pro-rated the cost of these texts to calculate each student’s cost. Some of these texts are available at a considerable discount if purchased in bulk. We have passed that discounted savings to you.

  • Most books are automatically added to your SCADPro Shopping Cart and you cannot delete them.
  • Some other titles may be added or you may purchase them on your own. Add the texts you need and purchase the rest from other sources.
  • Purchase these Bulk Booklist items directly from your SCADPro account, using PayPal.

Step 4: Follett Booklist: Includes texts and workbooks that are purchased by you, individually. We offer a fast, convenient method to get these texts via Follett, an online one-stop-shop where you buy all the books for your selected grade levels. Follett adds a percentage to each text or workbook because of their convenient service. These books may be purchased from other vendors, such as, using the Step 3 method below. If you are encountering any difficulty purchasing books from Follett’s website, please either use a different browser or clear your cache.

Step 5: Amazon Booklist: To purchase from, go to and make sure you copy the EXACT ISBN number of the item to search for it. Substitutions or other editions or versions will not be acceptable in class.

That’s it!

If you need any help, please contact Sister Fouzia Haddad, Director of Student Services at