We would like to thank you for your continuous support to Al-Falah Academy. You are very important to our organization. Your generous donations made it possible for us to purchase our new campus and renovate it. A campus that will cater to over 600 Muslims students who will be praying daily at school and for which prayer, letter or word that they learn or Wudu that they make, it will be insha’Allah a continuous charity (Sadaqa Jaariya) for you and your family!

Let’s pull together and close the Gap to finish the job we started on getting the building of the biggest Islamic school in Metro Atlanta ready for our students!

Here is how you can help:

Classroom Dedication Campaign: $10000 or more

Establish your legacy by sponsoring a Room, and we will commemorate your investment to the permanent history of the Academy. We will post a dignified plaque at the entrance to that Room, with your name, your family name, the name of a group of families who contribute together, or the name of your loved one in memoriam. 

Donor Legacy Tree Campaign: $1000 per leaf

To achieve the full completion of this project, we need to involve ALL community members to contribute, at a level you can afford.

In our Main Entrance Lobby wall, we mounted an elegant Donor Recognition Tree. This tree is 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall and will has beautiful golden leaves. 

Each leaf will inscribe the names of those who have generously given to our Donor Tree Campaign. Each leaf costs $1,000.  It will be a great opportunity to have leaves under the name of your children who will be founders of this learning institution serving the community at large for so many years and generations to come insha’Allah!

To sponsor a leaf or a room, please sign up at:

Donate any amount : no amount is too little!

To Donate, click on the button below.


TAX ID:27-2154656. All Donations are tax deductible