GA Qualified Education Expense Credit

The Georgia Department of Revenue, as part of Georgia Private School Tax Credit Law, allows for individuals and businesses to allocate part of their GA income taxes towards eligible non-profit institutions such as Al Falah Academy. This is a great way to support Al Falah Academy without any out-of-pocket funds.

This government program is a very important source of funds for our school.

If you are unable to participate in this program, or if you need more information, please set up a meeting time with a GA Tax Credit Program team member to explain your reasoning or to answer your questions about this program.

The information provided below will be submitted to the Georgia Dept. of Revenue by GASSO to apply for your Georgia Qualified Education Expense Credit Pre-approval. The pre-approval is required to participate in the Tax Credit scholarship program.

Please watch the video below from GASSO to learn more about the process.